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Members of the relationships object (“relationships”) represent references from the resource object in which it’s defined to other resource objects. A “relationship object” MUST contain at least one of the following: request.

If present, a related resource link MUST reference a valid URL, even if the relationship isn’t currently associated with any target resources.

A “resource identifier object” MUST contain member, whose value is a meta object that contains non-standard meta-information.

To reduce the number of HTTP requests, servers MAY allow responses that include related resources along with the requested primary resources. In a compound document, all included resources MUST be represented as an array of resource objects in a top-level member.

The only exception to the full linkage requirement is when relationship fields that would otherwise contain linkage data are excluded via sparse fieldsets.

To enable an easy mapping of member names to URLs, it is RECOMMENDED that member names use only non-reserved, URL safe characters specified in RFC 3986.

Compound documents require “full linkage”, meaning that every included resource MUST be identified by at least one resource identifier object in the same document.

A relationship path is a dot-separated (U 002E FULL-STOP, “.”) list of relationship names.

Arrays of resource identifier objects may represent ordered or unordered relationships, and both types can be mixed in one response object.

relationship includes a link for the relationship itself (which allows the client to change the related author directly), a related resource link to fetch the resource objects, and linkage information.

One of the Edge 72 computers at work won't startup again after the user updated the BIOS via the Thinkvantage System Update program.

But I'm having a hard time figuring out how to fix it / reset it.

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