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– AT THE SAME TIME, also send Jo Ann a *private message* (don’t post on her wall) saying something like “I found your name on Dating With NOTE: Please do not accept any *friend requests* from anyone you don’t know, except National HELP admins or your local group admins, within your first few weeks of joining. Please contact Jo Ann or Dating With if anyone is trying to get you to join other groups or websites within your first few weeks of joining National HELP or your local group.

I have herpes and want to join National HELP on Facebook.” If you cannot find your local herpes group on the list below, then also make sure to tell Jo Ann your city/state and tell her that you would also like to also be connected to your local herpes group. If anyone else, including any other H group admins that Jo Ann or other National HELP admins did not refer you to, contact you privately within your first few weeks of joining, and recommend other Facebook groups or websites for you to join, please say “Thanks, but I’m going to get used to National HELP and my local group first before joining any other groups.” They may be very nice but very persistent and say “let me help you by adding you now and you can always unjoin later if you want.” Just say “no thank you for now” and take your time getting to know your way around National HELP and your local group first before joining any other groups. – The process of getting added to National HELP may take a few days. Jo Ann and the rest of us are just UNPAID VOLUNTEERS who do this in our spare time.

If you cannot find your local herpes social group or herpes support group on the list below – never fear!

– If you join any herpes groups on social media (such as Meetup, Facebook, Yahoo, or other community sites), do NOT accept friend requests from anyone you haven’t already met, except for group admins/moderators.Many local herpes groups function as both a Herpes Support Group and a Herpes Social Group.There are also many “secret” (hidden) herpes Facebook groups that have hundreds or thousands of members, but cannot be found by doing a search and require knowing the right person who can “add” you.Please carefully follow the below directions to be added to this group.To join National HELP, the secret Facebook herpes support group, please follow these directions: – Log in to Facebook first!

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