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Zarubica’s first shipment of White Coke for Zhukov amounted to 50 cases of the drink.

In addition to the benefit to Soviet/US relations, there was also a plum for Coke: “The regular Coke supply from [the manufacturing plant at] Lambach had to pass through the Russian zone to reach its Vienna warehouse.

[2] What prompted the first emperor of Qin to have hundreds of scholars buried alive and their works burned?

[1] Were the pyramids still kept in repair at the time of Cleopatra?

Then the Coca-Cola man had the Crown Cork and Seal Company in Brussels make a special straight, clear bottle with a white cap and a red star in the middle.[11] On the giants of Patagonia [10] Whatever happened to the hotel detective?[9] At any point between the end of WWI and the end of WWII was there ever a rise of supernatural beliefs in Japan?There’s good evidence in Zarubica’s book that he could be a highly unreliable narrator; the book suggests that the guide the hired to hunt chamois during a holiday in the Tyrol around this time turned out to be Martin Bormann.But there is one interesting bit of corroborating evidence.

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