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Rebecca later acts on Bishop's order to sway Aidan's thoughts on her by sending him a DVD where she has sex with a man before draining him dry of blood.

Aidan also attempts to help Rebecca by setting up a co-dependent relationship, feasting on each other's blood rather than live blood, but she eventually backs out.Josh has Nora treat Aidan, without telling any specifics, but he remains weak and Bishop plans on fighting him, notifying him through Josh.Celine goes to comfort Aidan, and decides to offer him her blood.After Heggeman crowns him as the new head of the Boston vampires, Aiden learns that Mother wants to meet with him over the matter of Bishop's orphaned vampires.When Aidan suggests the orphans can be reformed, Mother decides that the orphans should all be culled and that Aidan will not lead Boston, but instead assist her daughter Suren in taking over with his freedom from vampire society as a reward.

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He offers to turn her into a vampire, but she declines while hiding the actual reason why she did not leave Montreal with him.

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